If you’re looking for a luxury car to buy you probably have come across the Lincoln MKZ as an option. The car packs a lot of technology features in an affordable package. But if you’re at the dealership, the salesperson is going to ask you which engine you’d like in your car. There are three to choose from; a hybrid four cylinder, a turbo four cylinder and a regular six cylinder. Which one should you get?

If you want all-wheel drive, the hybrid is not an option. So that leaves you with the 240 hp and 270 lbs/ft of torque Ecoboost engine or the 300 hp and 277 lbs/ft V6. On the street, the EcoBoost gets a combined rating of 25 mpg while the V6 gets 21 mpg combined.

Lincoln MKZ

The MKZ looks the same regardless of engine choice.

To upgrade to the V6 over the EcoBoost engine, you’ll have to pay an extra $1,230. All the features and technology available on the V6 engine are available on the EcoBoost engine.

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On the surface, the extra 60 hp seems like a good deal at $1,230. Yes, you lose some fuel economy, but luxury cars need to have power.

Both engines make around 270 lbs/ft of torque. Torque is the low speed sensation of speed that gets a car moving from a stop. In low speed driving situations both engines provide a similar performance. At higher speeds the V6 will outrun the EcoBoost, but it is unlikely that you’ll have a drag race with another MKZ buyer. Neither one of these cars are performance cars.

The 2.0L EcoBoost is the same engine that sits in many Ford products, including the Fusion and the Escape. The V6 is a simpler engine and has been around awhile.

Overall, we like the MKZ. The $34,190 starting price for the EcoBoost front-wheel drive packs a lot of great options, including LED headlights, adjustable suspension and a push button transmission. Checking every option box puts you at around $50,000. That’s the same price as a loaded Audi A4, but with more options. Regardless of what engine you choose, the MKZ is a solid choice.

Lincoln MKZ

At the end of the day, we’d save the money spent on the upgrade to the V6 and option the awesome panoramic glass roof. It lets loads of sunlight in, and opens larger than any other roof of its kind. It even adjusts itself at speed to reduce the amount of wind noise inside the cabin.

The EcoBoost engine is such a good engine in this car we’re surprised to see Lincoln offer the bigger engine at all. It wouldn’t surprise us if we see a new, bigger EcoBoost engine as the upgrade option in the future. But for now, we’d stick to the 2.0L EcoBoost for the best performance and value.