Ken Block, renowned hooligan and rally-car driver, has released his latest video of drifting madness called Gymkhana 6. Unlike the previous version that took place on the streets of San Francisco, this one utilizes an airfield and a pre-made obstacle course. Ultimately, it is a “Need For Speed”-themed showcase of Block’s driving abilities and abundant use of GoPro cameras.

This particular showcase features Block and his Ford Fiesta playing tetherball while doing donuts, drifting underneath overpasses, and “outrunning” law enforcement on Segways and in Lamborghini Aventadors. During all of this, Block’s wheels never stop spinning. Undoubtedly, it took several sets of tires to produce this video.


Ken Block in his Ford Fiesta rally car.

After watching the video, does this newest Gymkhana production impress or disappoint? The fifth version that took place in San Francisco carried the additional awe of actually occurring on real streets. Gymkhana 6 is clearly on a closed course.

The police in the Aventadors is a neat concept, but the cars do nothing more than creep along while Block does circles around them. The same applies to the law enforcement officers on the Segways. Those obstacles seem to exist entirely to hold GoPro cameras for different point-of-view shots.

For comparison, here is Gymkhana 5 in all of its glory.

Obviously opinions will vary wildly, but Gymkhana 6 does have a different tone than Gymkhana 5. Is it because it is sponsored by Need For Speed this time instead of DC Shoes? Are two Lamborghini Aventadors dressed in police guise more fun to watch than Travis Pastrana on a dirt bike? Does it matter as long as Ken Block is hooning in his Ford Fiesta?

Let us know what you think by commenting below. Is Gymkhana 6 the best ever or are previous versions, like Gymkhana 5, better videos to watch and enjoy?