The 2014 Jaguar F-Type has a great amount of positive press going for it. The problem with a vehicle that is so hyped as this vehicle was, is that often expectations are far too high and the vehicle disappoints. While we are hoping for a chance to perform a full review, we did get the opportunity to take a ’14 Jaguar F-Type S for a quick spin to answer some of the questions that everyone has. Is the vehicle overhyped? Is the vehicle too expensive? Is the vehicle gorgeous? How does it drive? We will answer all of those questions and more, but it is safe to say that the hype was well deserved!

Jaguar F-Type

Our Jaguar F-Type S was colored in red inside and out.

The version of the F-Type that we were able to drive was the supercharged V6 F-Type S. The S version of the F-Type adds some additional features, including a mechanical limited-slip rear differential, more horsepower and more go-fast goodies. The F-Type S starts at $81,000 and is well-equipped. However, if you opt for the sports exhaust, performance tires and wheels, the better sports seats and more, you can easily hit the $95,000 price of this demo unit.

The F-Type features an active spoiler that raises at 60mph (or manually by button press).

The F-Type features an active spoiler that raises at 60mph (or manually by button press).

The biggest thing we can say about the car, based on the short drive, is that the car sounds epic. Even at half-throttle (if the sports exhaust is active and the car is in performance mode), it will make a loud bark on upshifts. It is startling at first, because it almost sounds like a backfire. However, it is just a reminder that you are in something special. Though, the best sound is on the overrun. Let off the throttle at speed and it makes this grumbling noise that just sounds amazing.

Jaguar F-Type

This F-Type S was fitted with red interior and red seat belts. The F-Type is very well equipped.

Surely, there will be people who purchase a vehicle of this type and expect it to be luxury car quiet. It is not. It is a car that makes the driver giggle like an 8 year old every time he or she drives it.

The 8-speed automatic transmission is a gem, performing shifts as fast as any automatic we’ve tested (but not as fast as a dual-clutch box), and makes a satisfying blip on the downshift.

Our version had black wheels, a red interior and exterior and even red seat belts. It definitely looks the part of a classic British roadster.

After hearing the V8S and the V6S we drove, we can safely say that the V6S is the car to choose. It is lighter, more balanced, and plenty fast. Jaguar made sure all the great noises were also available on the V6 version.

The vehicle reminds me a lot of the Honda S2000. Yes, there’s more technology but they feel the same when driving. We believe the Jaguar is better looking and it is more powerful. But the Jaguar also has charisma. It makes the driver want to purchase it and drive it each and every day.

We have only scratched the surface on this vehicle, and hopefully can bring you more in the future. The as-tested price may be a bit steep for this vehicle (there are surely less expensive ways to go faster), but the charisma and charm of the Jaguar are the reasons why we’d purchase it over those rivals.

Note: Montrose Westside Jaguar of Cleveland provided the demo drive.