True sports car enthusiasts rejoice! Your car is here and will be on sale in the 2nd quarter of next year. The Alfa Romeo 4C checks every box when it comes to feel and control, without also checking the boxes for “luxury,” and “creature comforts.” It will go on sale for $54,000 USD next year, and if you are a true automotive enthusiast it needs to be on your shortlist for a variety of reasons.


Unassisted Steering

The world was up in arms when Porsche dropped the hydraulic-assisted power steering in the new 911. Many automotive journalists lament the introduction of electronically-assisted power steering. It is devoid of feel.

Alfa Romeo has listened to you! The new 4C has no power steering at all! While we are unsure of how easy it will be to parallel park, the unassisted steering should provide excellent road feel when cornering. It might also help your arm muscles!

Alfa Romeo 4C

No Fluff

Alfa Romeo has taken the idea of a lightweight car very seriously. The vehicle does come with air-conditioning and a radio with navigation, but the seats are thinly bolstered. The passenger seat is a fix seat that is not adjustable (unless the purchaser orders an adjustable seat as an optional extra). The 4C should weigh in at roughly 2,000lbs. That’s nearly 1,300lbs less than a Ford Focus ST.

Carbon Fiber Monocoque

Carbon fiber monocoque. Those three words often send shivers down the spines of automotive engineers. Building the entire passenger tub out of carbon fiber allows for the vehicle to maintain absolute rigidity and also weigh extremely little. This is the same technology that allows the McLaren MP4-12C to perform its magic on the track.

Also, in the event of an accident, it should protect the driver and passenger quite well.

Alfa Romeo 4C

1,750cc Turbo Engine

Classic sports car engines are never that big. The Honda S2000 featured a 2.0L engine. The current MX-5 also has a 2.0L engine. The 1.75L motor in the 4C generates 240hp.

That may not seem like a lot, but with the lightness of the car can accelerate the 4C from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. A small turbo 4-cylinder engine is also lightweight as well. The engine is mid-mounted behind the driver for better handling.

Don’t forget that small 4-cylinder engines are also typically good on fuel.

It’s an Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo wants to sell cars again in America in a bad way. Sold at Maserati dealerships, the Alfa Romeo 4C will start at $54,000 USD. This price point puts it square in the sights of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and forthcoming BMW M4. However, the 4C has something those other two won’t: Italian soul.

The blokes who host the British version of Top Gear have stated that someone cannot be a true petrolhead (gearhead) until they’ve owned an Alfa Romeo. When their engine coolant isn’t fizzing out of the radiator, Italian cars provide a fizz that many cars do not. Hopefully the Alfa Romeo 4C delivers in that department.

We also hope the Alfa Romeo vehicles sold in the United States are more reliable than they were in the past!

The Alfa Romeo 4C should be a true enthusiast car. For the people who are clamoring for something that is light weight and more pure, the 4C is the car for them. The only downside is that it is not available with a manual transmission. We look forward to driving the car when it goes on sale next year.