Tanner Foust. Some may know him as the driver of the Rockstar Energy Ford Fiesta Rallycross vehicle. Others may know him as the driving talent on the US version of Top Gear. Whether people love him, or love to hate him, he has now proven that our lives suck as he drives a McLaren MP4-12C to help film a new commercial for Forza Motorsport 5.

The premise of the commercial is this; take a frame by frame shot of a McLaren P1 driving around a race track and print out each frame on a giant sign. Then take a modified McLaren MP4-12C driven by Tanner Foust around a race track filming each of the frames in sequence. The amazing results are as follows…

A film shoot like this is is quite difficult to perform. It is important that Tanner drives the car at the perfect speed for the high speed camera to catch each frame at approximately 30 frames per second. That means the McLaren MP4-12C will have to be traveling at approximately 100mph as it passes by each placard. Tanner and Top Gear cohost Rutledge Wood explain the math behind the shoot.

Forza 5 is a highly anticipated gaming title coming for the Xbox One console in the fall. Long known as Gran Turismo’s ugly sister, Forza has grown to be the definitive driving simulator on any console. Gran Turismo has suffered from delays and setbacks on several of the previous versions though Sony insists the next one will launch on time. In the meantime Forza continues to leap ahead with newer versions. The next version of Forza 5 will feature content from Top Gear as well.

Forza 5

Tanner Foust is now a professional rally and Rallycross driver, world-renowned stunt driver, host of one of the most popular car shows on the planet, and now someone McLaren calls when they need someone to drive a super car. Yes, that noise you hear is the sound of the life being sucked out of us right now!