Many people grew up with LEGO toy sets in their home. We here at Motor Review loved the sets we had, although we could never find the right piece we are looking for unless we weren’t actually looking for it. Also, stepping on a LEGO brick in the middle on the night in barefeet is a pain in the butt. For those looking for sets for the automotive enthusiasts in their lives, or for those who are just looking to have a cool car set in their home or office, we have compiled a list of five of our favorite LEGO sets to enjoy. Each of the links goes directly to Amazon where they can be purchased. Let’s check them out!

Cars: Flo’s V8 Café


Flo’s V8 Cafe includes many of the figures from Cars.

Fans of the Pixar movie Cars will be happy to know that LEGO has created an entire line of movie-related sets. We are personally fans of Flo’s V8 Cafe. Featuring the dinner from the movie, the set also includes miniatures of Lightning McQueen, Mater, Flo, Fillmore, Sarge, and Sally. At less than $100, this set is great for the kids and big kids who enjoyed the movie. What car enthusiast doesn’t?

LEGO Racers: Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello


This set honors the 7-time world champion of Formula One racing.

Michael Schumacher is a 7-time world champion at Formula One racing. His time was spent with the racing team of Ferrari, with teammate Rubens Barrichello. This LEGO set is to commemorate the two and their successes. We like it a lot. Michael Schumacher is not doing well after a skiing accident, and we hope this LEGO set is not the last we hear of the racer.

LEGO Racers: Ferrari Enzo


Ferrari named this supercar the Enzo after the founder.

Sticking with the Ferrari theme for a minute, one of the fastest vehicles they have produced in the last decade is the Enzo Ferrari. Named after the founder of the company, the car literally distorts space and time. Who wouldn’t want a LEGO set of it on their desks?

LEGO Racers: Police Lamborghini Gallardo


The Italian police drive high-speed Lamborghinis.

Italian-made supercars are pretty cool. They are also fast. When the Italian police wanted a car that could catch high-speed drivers and deliver organs for transplant patients as quickly as possible, they chose the Lamborghini Gallardo. The idea of the police driving around in 190mph supercars really kind of scares us, because not much can outrun it. We definitely want this set on our desk.

LEGO Technic Race Car


The Technic Race Car has a pull back motor.

The LEGO Technic Race Car is an inexpensive LEGO toy that has a unique feature. It has a pull-back motor, meaning that it can drive by itself across a desk or floor. Also, because of the price, we wouldn’t feel bad about losing pieces or damaging it.