The Lincoln Motor Company is attempting to reboot the brand through the introduction of the MKZ and forthcoming MKC. In the past, they were a pseudo-luxury brand along the lines of Acura and Infinity. But unlike those marques, the Lincoln brand fell farther and farther behind. Now, they are trying to re-enter the game, and up their game, with an entirely new plan. One step in that plan is the introduction of Lincoln Black Label.

Black Label

Similar to the Autobiography edition Range Rover, or the enhanced options for BMW Individual, Lincoln Black Label offers purchasers a more customized vehicle to suit a discriminating taste. Upgraded interior materials with designer names will be on the menu. Also, the Black Label will apply to the dealerships who offer the vehicles, setting their sights on Lexus for the overall luxury customer experience.

Black Label

The entire Lincoln line will eventually have Black Label version available, but will be featured prominently on the MKZ and forthcoming MKC.

There will be three different design styles a Black Label person will be able to choose from…

  • Indulgence with Chroma Couture exterior and Truffle interior
  • Center Stage with Black Tie exterior and Jet Black with Foxfire Red accents interior
  • Modern Heritage with Confidential White tri-coat exterior with Vianca interior

Lincoln admits that this is just a step in the overall rebranding plan. What remains to be seen is if luxury buyers will be attracted to the brand after all of these changes. After a slow launch and a few hiccups, the MKZ is gradually increasing sales. We reviewed the vehicle over at and really enjoyed it.

Black Label

The MKC, based on the Ford Escape platform, is a much bigger transition from the “old Lincoln” mentality and will be the ultimate determining factor in seeing if Lincoln is on the rebound.