Chrysler’s Fiat 500e, an all-electric version of the Fiat 500 that was only just recently launched, is already facing a recall. Detroit News reports that 270 of the 2013 model 500e vehicles will need new bolts to replace the cars’ half shaft.


The half shaft is not related to the battery or engine of the car. It is part of the axle and wheel section. On a segment of Car Talk, the Click and Clack Brothers explain what it is:

Front wheel drive cars like your Tempo have two axles in the front. They run from the transaxle in the middle of the car to the right and left front wheels. These axles are called “half shafts,” because each of them spans half the width of the car.

Chrysler will be contacting owners of the affected cars and helping them find alternate transportation while their cars are being fixed, though they haven’t said whether these will be all-electric alternates or regular gas vehicles. According to the Detroit News “Engineers discovered two assembly steps had not been properly completed; creating a condition that could lead to half shaft separation.”

It’s not uncommon for new models to go through teething problems. The Tesla Roadster had early issues and many other cars get recalled. That being said, it’s not a great way to start off the first few months of sales for the 500e for Chrysler.