The Super Bowl is always an event in the United States that draws advertisers from across many industries to spend millions of dollars on commercials. For the 2014 event, it was said that a 30 second ad was priced at $4.5 million. Those prices are before the talent is even hired and the commercial is even filmed. During an interview for Robocop, a reporter asked Samuel L. Jackson about his Super Bowl commercial. Mr. Jackson took it as being asked about the Kia K900 commercial, which featured Laurence Fishburne from The Matrix. Clearly, they are not the same person. Mr. Jackson takes the opportunity to berate the reporter about the mistake to some comical effect. However, who was actually wrong? Was it the reporter or was it Samuel L. Jackson?

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The key words we caught in the very beginning are the words “working for Marvel,” which would be referring to his roles in The Avengers and Captain America movies. During the Super Bowl, a Captain America preview aired.

Clearly, Samuel L. Jackson is in this commercial portraying his role as Nick Fury. However, Mr. Jackson believes he was confused for Mr. Fishburne in the following Kia commercial.

Later on, after the interview, the reporter did apologize to everyone for making the mistake. You can see that apology below.

Obviously, Mr. Jackson’s response is quite funny to watch, especially when he says “I’m the Capital One black guy!” However, we are not entirely sure the reporter was making a mistake. We believe, based on Mr. Jackson’s response, that he thinks he made the mistake. It is also possible whoever was talking in his ear said he made the mistake. But only the reporter knows if he actually made that mistake. Regardless, he did apologize for it. He claims next time he will be more prepared. We believe that. Not because he doesn’t know his stuff, but because he probably could’ve worded things a bit better to avoid the confusion.