Super Bowl advertisements are sometimes more entertaining than the actual Super Bowl itself. Companies spend millions of dollars to have their 30-60 second commercials air in front of millions of worldwide eyeballs. This is the one event a year that commercials receive just as much scrutiny as the sporting event itself. Auto manufacturers are just as guilty of spending on game day ads, and here’s a list of a few that we’ve really enjoyed over the years.

Ford GT: Pace Car For an Entire Company

Halo cars are something many auto manufacturers make. These vehicles are often test vehicles for the latest in performance and technology for the manufacturer. They are also typically ridiculously expensive, but can set the tone for the entire company. The Ford GT was Ford’s most recent halo car, and was introduced to the Super Bowl public in this ad featuring powerslides and engine noise. It is glorious.

Cindy Crawford and the Cadillac Catera

Cindy Crawford in an automotive commercial in the late 90s seems like a no-brainer. The Cadillac Catera was Cadillac’s attempt to build a less expensive car that would appeal to younger people. ¬†However, the Catera was hardly a sales sensation and the Super Bowl commercial was more whimsical than sexy. But hey, it’s Cindy Crawford, what’s not to like?

Chrysler 200 Imported from Detroit

While some may make fun of the Imported from Detroit tagline that Chrysler has been using, it has been effective for the company. This Super Bowl commercial was the Genesis of that campaign and truly an emotional experience for people who know Detroit’s storied past. Unfortunately, the 200 was not a big improvement over the Sebring it replaced. Luckily, for 2015 there is an all-new 200 which appears to be the vehicle this commercial was truly intended for.

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Volkswagen can really tell a story in their Super Bowl commercials, and the one that featured the Star Wars Darth Vader kid truly pulls at the geek heart strings. While not as serious as the Imported from Detroit campaign of that year, a young boy dress as Darth Vader tries to use The Force around the house. Finally, he attempts to use The Force on the Volkswagen Passat. In a case of parenting done right, the child’s father remote starts the car at the same time. The kid then appears shocked that he was able to control the car. It’s fun, like many good Super Bowl commercials.

Audi’s Godfather Commercial

Putting old luxury on notice, Audi’s R8 Super Bowl commercial is a scene ripped straight from the Godfather movie. An old man wakes up in his mansion with the front end of his Bentley in bed with him. He is dripping in motor oil. This is similar to waking up with a bloody horse’s head in your bed. Outside, the R8 starts up and drives away, with the V8 roaring.

With the 2014 Super Bowl less than a week away, we will soon be able to see what car ads make the cut this year.