From an investment standpoint, one way to determine the viability of a company is to simply look at how much the company makes. Another way to is to see if the company returns some profits in dividends to the shareholders. Lastly, if the company is paying out profit sharing to its employees, they are usually in pretty good shape. Based on Ford’s $8.6 billion pre-tax revenue last year and the $8,800 profit sharing check they’ll be mailing out, it’s safe to say that the Blue Oval is definitely doing well.


Ford is paying out a profit sharing amount of $8,800 per hourly employee.

All hourly employees will be receiving their profit-sharing check shortly, and it is quite possible that that money will go straight back into the company in the form of a new vehicle purchase later this year. With vehicles like the new 2015 Ford Mustang and 2015 Ford F-150 hitting dealerships before the end of the year, there will be some compelling new vehicles for employees to spend money on.

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Earnings per share for the entire year was $1.62. Total pre-tax profit from automotive sales is the highest Ford has seen in a decade. Despite knowing that the vehicle would be replaced, a new F-150 was sold, on average, every 41 seconds. South America and Asia Pacific (including China) spearheaded much of the company’s growth.

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The company predicts that 2014 will be just as profitable, anticipating a before tax profit in the $7-$8bn range. Now that the market knows that Alan Mulally will be staying until the end of 2014, the company can focus on the 16 product launches that they have coming. With the Mustang being sold globally this time around, combined with a new F-150 that should drive even more sales, 2014 should be a strong year for the company. We will have to wait and see, but it appears nothing can stop the Blue Oval Express from making more and more money.