Ford offers two different in-vehicle technologies for those wanting the latest and greatest in their vehicles. MyFord Touch is a system that has a touch screen, over 10,000 voice commands, and a Bluetooth interface to provide the driver with handsfree talking, navigation, and more. Ford also has an open system called AppLink, which allows people to write apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone that allow those apps to be controlled by the vehicle. However, MyFord Touch and AppLink do not actually work together. Is it possible the Mustang will be one of the first vehicles to support both?

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2015 Mustang

Slide from the Dearborn Mustang presentation.

Ford has claimed that the 2015 Mustang will be the most technologically advanced version of the vehicle. That makes sense, since it will be the newest version of the car. However, one of the things Ford is touting is that the Mustang will finally have MyFord Touch. Mentioned several times in both the press release and at the reveal, Ford is doing a variation of MyFord Touch on the Mustang that has an emphasis on redundant, tactile controls. In the slide above, in the upper-right, is a slide clearly showing AppLink connected to the Mustang.

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During an event back in late June, Motor Review had an opportunity to speak to someone with Ford, who confirmed that they are working on getting both systems working together and that we should expect it “soon.” Half a year later, we still have not heard a definitive launch date for the merging of technology.

2015 Mustang

MyFord Touch-equipped vehicles will still have tactile buttons for redundancy.

With the strong emphasis on MyFord Touch in the Mustang, combined with the deliberate inclusion of AppLink in the presentation, both technologies could be integrated by the time the Mustang launches next year. Or, the slide is there to show that AppLink is available on Mustangs not equipped with MyFord Touch. Until we hear from Ford on the subject, that topic is still up in the air.