Ford announced that they will be doing an anniversary version of the 2015 Mustang. The new 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang that honors the original from 1964 will go on sale later this year with exclusive options and colors to appeal to both the Mustang fanatic and the normal buyer. The anniversary edition will only be available with the desirable 5.0L V8 and have very few options.

If you are thinking about a new Mustang, here are three reasons why you should pull the trigger and buy the 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition.

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2015 mustang

2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition.

Loaded with Options

2015 Mustang

Anniversary Mustangs will come fully-loaded.

Unlike a normal 2015 Mustang, the 50 Year Limited Edition will only come in two colors; Wimbledon White and Kona Blue. These two colors are unique to the anniversary Mustang. The only other option for buyers consists of either a manual or automatic transmission. The rest of the car comes fully loaded.

The automatic-equipped car comes with the track package, which only comes with manual-equipped cars on the normal 2015 Mustang. This includes a limited slip differential, better brakes and a better suspension setup. The manual version of the car has those things, but also a more aggressive gearing towards performance.

2015 Mustang

Brembo brakes hide behind special track pack wheels.

If you are someone who likes to check all the option boxes when ordering a car, then you should look at the 50 Year Limited Edition. According to Ford, an anniversary car comes with all the options. The only thing that we noticed was the lack of Recaro seats. Recaros are an option for the new Mustang, but aren’t an option on the anniversary version.

Special Colors

2015 Mustang

Anniversary 2015 Mustang in Wimbledon White.

Affordability has been one of the biggest keys to the Mustang’s success over the past 50 years. No matter what income level, there was a Mustang that you could afford. That means there are millions of Mustangs out on the road. All signs point to the new Mustang being a top seller as well. If you want to stand out in a field of Mustangs, the two unique color options will accomplish that.

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Wimbledon White and the Mustang go way back. The first Mustang to roll off the assembly line wore this color. The publicity photos for the 50 Year Limited Edition version also sport this color. Capt. Stanley Tucker purchased the first Mustang #0001 in April of 1964. He wasn’t the first person to own a Mustang, but he owned the first produced Mustang.

2011 Mustang

A 2011 Mustang in Kona Blue (Photo: WickedStangs)

Darker in color than the Deep Impact Blue on the 2015 Mustang, Kona Blue will be the other color option. That color should make the chrome accents that are unique to the 50th anniversary car stand out more. Those additional accent pieces will be unique to the anniversary Mustang and assist in it standing out.

Limited Production

2015 mustang

Each car will have a hand-etched number plate.

Ford will produce only 1,964 copies of the 50 Year Limited Edition 2015 Mustang to celebrate the launch in 1964. This car will be rare. According to Ford, the anniversary Mustangs will be some of the first Mustangs to roll off the assembly line in Michigan this fall. Some will end up in the hands of collectors, and others will drive the car day-to-day. If you want a special car, then you want this one.

2015 Mustang

A special 50 Years badge on all anniversary cars.

Ford has a tendency to make a bunch of limited edition Mustangs, but there are few actual anniversary Mustangs out there. For the sake of heritage this car will be special. Resale value down the road should also be higher than a normal Mustang, making the car a better purchase financially.

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If you like the colors of the anniversary Mustang, and you are someone who would fully-option a Mustang normally, then you should get the 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang. It will have all the features you want, plus a level of exclusivity that will not come with a normal 2015 Mustang. While it may be a no brainer purchase for a collector, the average buyer will find the 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition appealing.