Tomorrow Ford will unveil their production plans and key ordering information on the new Mustang to dealerships nationwide. Dealerships have also learned how many of the 50 Year Limited Edition 2015 Mustang they will have allocated to their location. It looks like people will finally be able to get their orders in for production, or at least know when they’ll be able to order.

Motor Review has received information from a trusted anonymous source that Thursday, April 17th dealerships will be able to access ordering information on the 2015 Mustang. This date would be extremely significant, because it would be 50 years to the date of the 1964 Mustang going on sale. This information will pertain to both the anniversary Mustang as well as the general production 2015 car.

2015 Mustang

2015 Mustang ordering could start as soon as April 17th.

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Many things are still unclear, like if ordering will actually start when the dealerships receive the information, how much the car will cost or when it will actually show up in dealerships, but it looks like starting tomorrow the ball will start rolling. Our source told us that they are only receiving one of the 1,964 50 Year Limited Edition Mustangs to sell. If you want one, make sure you are on the phone with your local dealership first thing in the morning. We will keep you informed about the latest details as we get them.