Chevrolet made waves when they introduced the all-new Camaro Z/28 last year. The stripped out, hardcore version of the $75,000 Camaro appeals to many enthusiasts. If you were waiting for an opportunity to drive one before plunking the cash down to buy one, you’re too late. All 500 that General Motors plans to build for 2014 are sold out. was at the Monticello Motor Club in New York before the 2014 New York International Auto Show and chief engineer Al Oppenheiser spoke to them. According to Oppenheiser, Chevrolet planned on building 500 of the new Z/28 coupes and they have all been pre-sold.


Camaro Z/28 is a stripped out track car.

Oppenheiser continued to say that Chevy plans on producing more of the cars for 2015. They are also not planning on limiting production. They expect 2,500 or more cars to roll of the assembly line in coming years. If that’s not enough, they’ll increase production to compensate.

camaro z/28

Camaro Z/28 has an adjustable rear wing for downforce.

Stripped of all creature comforts, the Z/28 doesn’t have much sound deadening, lacks air conditioning as standard and only comes with a one speaker stereo. Why one speaker? Legally, a car has to have a radio to play seat belt chimes.

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Chevy isn’t the only brand playing the limited car game. Ford recently announced the 50 Year Limited Edition 2015 Mustang and will only make 1,964 cars in that specification. The Mustang won’t carry the ridiculous price tag of the Camaro, but we expect dealers to charge over retail price for the cars.

camaro z/28

Camaro recently wished Mustang a happy birthday.

Only 500 units seems to be a low number for first year sales. Oppenheiser suggests that potential customers shouldn’t consider the Camaro as a daily driver. The high performance tires and stiff suspension won’t make for a comfortable ride. Even so, the Camaro sold out quickly and we wonder why Chevy wouldn’t make more this model year for additional profits. Perhaps there is more to the story that Chevy lets on?

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It appears 2014 will go down as the year of the special edition muscle car. Dodge unveiled a redesigned Challenger at the New York auto show, a new Mustang hits the streets soon and the Z/28 will arrive to customers shortly. Muscle cars definitely not dead.