UPDATE 02/21/2014: Bimmerpost has posted a spreadsheet with pricing information on the M4. Allows users to pick options and return pricing.

BMW has released pricing information about the 2015 BMW M3 and M4, along with available options. Thanks to our friends at BMW Blog, we now have a good idea how much the new Bavarian bruiser is going to run, along with how it might stack up against the competition. With an entry price of $64,200, the M4 starts significantly higher than the $51,000 Corvette. But does that mean as a daily driver and a track machine the Corvette is better? Let’s try to sort that one out.

Corvette Stingray

The Stingray is a performance bargain for its price of entry.

A base Corvette is hardly what a performance enthusiast would go for. At the very least, they will be optioning up their Corvette with the Z51 package. This package raises power output to 460hp. That makes the Corvette a bit more expensive at $54,795. Compared to the BMW’s twin-turbo straight six that generates 431hp. Rumors are that the new M4 will weigh in at a svelte 3,306 pounds. The 7th generation Corvette with the Z51 package weighs 3,298 pounds. Depending on the weight of the driver in each, one car could easily outweigh the other. The Corvette does make about 60 more lbs/ft of torque. Assuming both vehicles are equipped with automatic transmissions driven by the same driver, the Corvette should win in a drag race. However, with weight being so close, a goof up on the side of the Corvette driver could lead to a loss.


The new BMW M4 coupe will be one of the best driving sports coupes in the world.

Chevrolet claims a 3.8 second run from 0-60mph. Although not tested, we would expect the BMW to be in the low 4 second range (4.0-4.2) depending on transmission. An optional DCT performance automatic is available on the BMW that will shift in milliseconds and shave time off a manual transmission-equipped car.


The available M-DCT transmission will shift faster than any human could.

For average size drivers, both cars should feel relatively comfortable. The BMW M4 should have more room inside for drivers who are taller or larger. Thankfully, the seats in the new Corvette are far superior to previous generations and have loads of flexibility. Seats in modern BMW M cars also have infinitely adjustability, but to save weight BMW may have skimped a bit. We do find that unlikely though.


The Corvette is a true sports car, but is more comfortable than ever.

Both vehicles are available with a Heads Up Display to show gear information, speed, engine revs, and more in sight of the driver. Both vehicles are available with navigation, satellite radio, dual-zone climate control, and more. The BMW comes with a carbon fiber roof, but the one on the Corvette is an optional extra. The advantage to the roof on the Corvette is that it can be completely removed, letting the sun shine in. For those who want to see upwards out of their BMW, a standard metal roof with a moonroof is a no-cost option.


The M4 will have optional carbon ceramic brakes for improved stopping power.

Both vehicles have an optional adaptable suspension system. Both will have user-selectable driving modes for setting the vehicle up for road or track usage. Both can also have a lot of expensive options added, but that is where the BMW will truly shine.


Along with rounded LED running lights, full LED headlamps will be available.

The BMW is available with a full-LED headlight system. We expect that to run about $1,900. The M4 will have active blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist available as part of a $1900 option package. The BMW will even have an available option to automatically park itself.

Performance Data Recorder PDR

In 2015 the Corvette with have a Performance Data Recording system.

The most expensive option will likely be the M Carbon Ceramic Brakes. Carbon ceramic brakes are significantly lighter than normal brakes, and dissipate heat much better. A good carbon fiber brake setup will never, ever, fade. They pretty much guarantee that the car will stop better, in a shorter distance, every single time. However, the technology is expensive. We expect the option to run approximately $8,150.


The M4 should provide more room for taller drivers.

The Corvette C7 is definitely a Corvette that can be used every single day of the week. It is more livable than any other Corvette has ever been. Small BMWs are what BMW are known for. For everyday living, the BMW offers features that the Corvette cannot. But to get many of those creature comforts, the price needs to go much higher than base. A fully-loaded Corvette C7 Z51 is $73,165. Officially pricing hasn’t been announced for the options on the M4, but we would not be surprised finding a fully loaded M4 between $75,000 and $80,000.

We’d love to be able to tell you which we would buy. We really would. What makes a decision like this difficult for many buyers is the new Corvette is such a darn good car. It really has put the world’s best sports cars on notice.