Later today at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford will take the wraps off the Ford Edge Concept. The Edge Concept features some advanced technologies that will likely appear in the redesigned Ford Edge some point next year. Along with the Range Rover Evoque-esque styling, the Edge Concept features some advanced driving technologies that will demonstrate how Ford is advancing with its autonomous car technology.

Edge Concept

The Edge Concept will be unveiled at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Edge Concept features current Ford autonomous technologies, such as active lane keep assist, radar assisted cruise control, and self parking functionality. In the Edge Concept, the vehicle also features an obstacle avoidance system. This system can identify objects in the way, such as a soccer ball or a human child, and steer out of the way with little to no driver intervention.

In addition to the automated parking technology, the Edge Concept can be activated OUTSIDE the vehicle by the driver and can automatically find a parking place and park without driver intervention. The Edge Concept is capable of utilizing current sensor technology to identify both parallel and perpendicular parking places and maneuver into them without collision.

Edge Concept

The interior of the Edge Concept is extremely modern.

In addition to the latest autonomous vehicle technology, the Edge Concept features all exterior LED lighting, from the headlights to the taillights. In the interior, the instrument cluster is redesigned from the current Edge and more closely resembles the cluster available on the new Lincoln MKC and Lincoln MKZ. Other interior amenities include a larger MyFord Touch display and premium interior stitching and leather from the Lincoln Black line.

For the final version, expect some of these features to not be available. The wheels will likely be a tad bit smaller, and the exterior colors will be standard issue. Ford will likely save the extra luxurious features for the Lincoln line. Aside from being slightly tamed-down for the production version, we like the looks of the Edge Concept and expect to see more of the production version next year.