It is not surprising that after the Italians completed their purchase of Chrysler, the new company would adopt a new name. Earlier today in Italy, that name became Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. FCA will be the worldwide adopted name for the company after a reorganization of the entire company. With the reorganization of the company, and complete control of both branches, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles can now have a fresh start and look entirely towards the future.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the new name for Fiat after the acquisition of Chrysler and a corporate reorganization.

Fiat is believed to be the saving grace for Chrysler, bringing in new management and an influx of new money to help revitalize the brand. Many of their new products are a reflection of the alliance. Now Fiat believes the alliance is entering a new chapter.

“A new chapter of our story begins with the creation of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. A journey that started over a decade ago, as Fiat sought to ensure its place in an increasingly complex marketplace, has brought together two organizations each with a great history in the automotive industry and different but complementary geographic strengths. FCA allows us to face the future with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor” – John Elkann, Chairman of Fiat.

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We believe that the change, including the name, is great for the company. When talking to people who work within Chrysler about the changes going on, everyone seems very positive. Even in off-the-record conversations morale is high and there is a real energy flowing that is difficult to find with other automakers. Solid products become the result, as evidenced by the Ram 1500 winning Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year twice in a row, along with winning the TAWA Truck of Texas award twice in a row. It appears even more great products are in the pipeline, and time will ultimately tell if the Fiat acquisition is worth it. However, signs appear much stronger than when Daimler had the reigns in past years, and strong automotive competition is always a good thing.