BMW is launching several different advertising campaigns during the 2014 Sochi Olympic games in Russia, and one of those campaigns features the BMW i Brand of vehicles. The i Brand, which consists of the everyday i3 and the supercar i8, feature BMW’s eDrive technology. That is marketing speak for an all-electric or hybrid-electric vehicle. BMW has already welcomed the future with their i8 “Hello Future” commercial, so let’s take a look at their i3 commercial titled “SHHH.”

The commercial features a father saying goodnight to his teenage son after getting home from work. The son observes that the did not hear his father pull up. “Electric car,” he replies, “Sneaky.” After the lights go out, the teenager sneaks out of his room and leaves his home in the i3 completely silent.


BMW’s i3 is a small family EV.

He picks up his girlfriend and they go for a joyride. The commercial prominently emphasizes the acceleration and handling characteristics of the vehicle. Motor Review had an opportunity to drive the all-electric i3 in Las Vegas earlier in the year, and we were truly impressed with the acceleration of the car. Compared to other electric vehicles we have driven, including the Ford Focus Electric, the BMW i3 was quite quick.

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Of course, the teenager gets caught when he returns home, because his night out depleted the range of the i3 and he needed to recharge it. One feature of many electric vehicles is the ability to talk to a smartphone to indicate charge status. Once the car is plugged in, the father’s phone beeps indicating that it is charging. When confronted with holding the EV charging cord, the son responds, “it’s a nice car.”


The i3 has functional cabin space.

We may not be 100% sold on the looks of the BMW i3, but we were impressed with the performance and interior space. Designed to be an “entry-level” electric vehicle, BMW has an opportunity to beat Tesla to market for a luxury small EV, and that could potentially pay huge dividends long-term. This commercial should help draw attention to BMW’s small car project and spark some interest.