Many auto manufacturers have an in-housing tuning division that puts out special vehicles and performance-focused automobiles. BMW has the Motorsports (M) Division. Ford has its Special Vehicles Team (SVT). Mercedes-Benz has AMG. However, the engineers at AMG are not capable of leaving their tuned automobiles alone, so Mercedes-Benz created a skunk-works project inside AMG called the “Black Series.” For someone looking for the rarest of the rare in the Mercedes-Benz brand, the SLS AMG Black Series sits atop of the exclusivity chart. Now, Mercedes-Benz has released official pricing, and to join the Black Series club requires $278,000.

2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

The Black Series SLS AMG stands out even more with additional bodywork.

For the extra money over a standard SLS AMG, the purchaser receives 622hp instead of 563hp. Also, an AMG Adaptive Performance Suspension comes standard as well as fade-free carbon ceramic brakes. Those lightweight brakes, higher performance tires and wheels, and increased use of carbon fiber lower the weight of the Black Series to a claimed 3616 pounds. While still heavy by many standards, it is the lightest SLS AMG and will still carry creature comforts like satellite navigation, air conditioning, and an automatic transmission. In theory, the SLS AMG is a vehicle that can be driven at high speeds on the race track but capable enough to go to the local grocery store or run errands.

The SLS AMG is a vehicle with an interesting design that comes with the reliability of a Mercedes-Benz. Targeted for the more sophisticated buyer than a Porsche or a Ferrari, the SLS AMG targets a consumer who wants to look good while driving a special car. The Black Series throws much of the sophistication out the window with the swollen wheel-arches and rear spoiler. But much respect must be given to a car company that allows the engineers to design a vehicle without input from the people that ask, “Is that a good idea?”

It will achieve 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and enter production in August. For someone who wants to really stand out in the super sports car category, the Black Series SLS AMG is definitely worth looking at.