Ford has dramatically changed the F-150 for the 2015 model year.┬áThis isn’t like any normal redesign, either. Ford has shaved over 700 lbs of weight by switching to a mostly-aluminum construction. New technologies are available that were once only an option on luxury cars.

Aluminum doesn’t come without disadvantages. Steel has been long used because of its strength and resistance to corrosion. Ford has a lot to prove to potential buyers that the aluminum 2015 is constructed up to the standards that has made the F-150 the most popular car in America.

2015 F-150

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But is the new, more modern aluminum 2015 F-150 worth waiting for or should you snatch up a 2014 F-150 while you still can? We take a look at some of the changes to help you decide.

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[tps_title]Steel vs. Aluminum[/tps_title]

Trucks are often used as tools. Ford advertises that if you want to know which truck you should buy, just look at any jobsite around the country. Professionals need a truck that they can count on. For many, the F-150 is the truck they choose.

2014 vs 2015 f-150

Both trucks use steel for the frame, but the 2015 uses aluminum for the body work.

The current 2014 F-150 uses high strength steel to ensure toughness. The frame of the truck, as well as many of the body panels are steel. To give you an idea of how strong steel is, just look at many of the biggest skyscrapers around the world. Steel makes up their construction.

Resistant to corrosion, steel makes a good material for a truck that can see all different types of weather conditions. Steel also weighs a lot. The heaviness of steel means Ford has to work harder to get good fuel economy out of their trucks.

2015 ford f-150

The steel frame is all new for the 2015 F-150 to be stronger and lighter.

Lightweight aluminum material makes up many sports cars on sale. Strong and lightweight, aluminum makes a good material for truck construction. Ford claim they reduced the weight of the F-150 by 700 lbs just making the change to aluminum.

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Aluminum needs a special treatment to be resistant to corrosion. Ford released a video showing the process they’ve gone through to make the 2015 F-150 as tough as possible.

If the idea of a first-generation aluminum truck worries you, you should pick up a 2014 F-150 while you can.

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