[tps_title]Special Editions (Raptor, Tremor, King Ranch)[/tps_title]

Currently the F-150 is available in three special editions. The King Ranch trim adds luxurious leather and makes the F-150 upmarket. The F-150 Tremor is a spiritual successor to the SVT Lightning. The SVT Raptor is the off-road, go anywhere machine.

2015 F-150 King Ranch

2015 F-150 King Ranch at the world famous King Ranch.

The only model confirmed for 2015 is the King Ranch edition. Popular in Texas (Ford’s biggest truck market), it would be insane to discontinue that trim level.

2014 Ford F-150 Tremor

Ford’s 2014 F-150 Tremor.

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Ford also said they are not going to continue to build the F-150 Tremor. Available for less than a model year, the Tremor seems to fill a void that really didn’t exist. We will be reviewing one in the next couple of weeks to determine if you should snatch one up before they go out of production.

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Ford’s people have hinted at a new SVT Raptor. Dealer supplies of current Raptors are less than 15 days, and dealerships in California command a $10,000 premium over MSRP according to Mike Correra. Recently, spy photographers caught what appears to be a 2015 SVT Raptor in testing. We hope the truck continues because we think it makes good business sense. But if you want a guaranteed Raptor, order a 2014 while you still can.

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