Whether or not the next-generation 2015 Mustang Shelby hits the streets in GT350 or GT500 trim, we do know that it’ll sound pretty awesome. Two videos have hit the web in the past couple of weeks showing the prototype being tested on the streets of California. The vehicle in the second, more recent, video has very little camouflage, meaning we may be seeing the actual production version of the car very soon. Both emphasize the sound that the car makes even at half throttle.

This first video was reportedly shot in downtown Los Angeles. Not much can be seen visually on the vehicle, due to it being night time and the vehicle covered and camo, but the sound of the car dominates everything as the vehicle accelerates away from the lights.

This video shows much more detail of the car up close. It is still wearing the camo, but there is clearly a vent in the camo at the top of the hood to allow cold air to enter, or heat to extract. Additionally, the wheels are completely covered, hiding what will certainly be Shelby-specific wheels for this special 2015 Mustang.

2015 Mustang

2015 Mustang Shelby spy shots courtesy of Autoblog and KGP Photography.

Two sets of dual-tipped exhausts poke out the rear, and lack the sound dampening that lesser Mustangs carry. It is possible that this exhaust is still pre-production, but Shelby variants have always been louder than their GT counterparts.

2015 Mustang

The 2015 Mustang Shelby prototype’s non-sequential tail lights.

The rear taillights on this pre-production version do not have the sequential lighting of the turn signals. We were told at the launch of the vehicle that the sequential LED tails will return for the 2015 Mustang, and totally expect to see them on the final version. However, in Europe the sequential-style lights are illegal, so it is possible that they can be either programmed for American or European markets. All Mustangs sold worldwide will be assembled at the Flat Rock, Michigan assembly plant.

2015 mustang

The 2015 Mustang Shelby appears to have a much larger rear wing.

We expect the official unveiling of Ford’s hottest Mustang to occur at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. It is not only the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, but also a show where Ford’s SVT team shows off their latest vehicles. Until then, make sure to check out our Mustang superpage with everything you need to know about the 2015 Mustang.