To mark the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, Ford has partnered with the Empire State Building in New York City to display a new 2015 Mustang on the observation deck. For Mustang fans, this should sound familiar. The company did the same thing in 1964 to help launch the original Mustang.

“Why don’t they use a helicopter?” The spine at the top of the Empire State Building, combined with the wind 86 floors up makes doing that too dangerous. Instead, they have to carry the Mustang up to the observation deck.

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The easiest way to carry it to the top would be to utilize the elevators in place. A 36″ wide doorway throws a big wrench into that plan. Both the 2015 Mustang and the original 1964 Mustang are wider than that. The best solution ended up being to dismantle the car, cut it into pieces, haul each piece up individually and then reassemble the car on the roof.

For the modern implementation, Ford partnered with DST Industries to complete the task. In the above video, they show how they cut the Mustang body into six separate pieces. Delivered unassembled and incomplete, the Mustang received a coat of paint while with DST. Workers will reassemble the Mustang once all of the pieces arrive on the Observation Deck.

2015 mustang

2015 Mustang in pieces to be hauled up the Empire State Building.

The car must look like it was not cut into pieces once reassembled. DST designed a bracket where the six pieces mount to add to the rigidity of the car and make it look normal.

In addition to the challenge of hauling the car up and assembling it, the crew of six will only have six hours to assemble the car. Closed from 2am to 8am, the observation deck needs to be empty for work to occur.

This will be only the second time anything has been on display on top of the Empire State Building. The first item was the original Mustang. The new Mustang will be on display April 16th and 17th to coincide with the New York International Auto Show. Stay tuned for more Mustang news from the show.