Volvo is one of the first vehicle manufacturers to support Apple’s new CarPlay interface. Volvo is also debuting a new concept vehicle interface to be featured in their future cars. Starring in the Concept Estate at the Geneva Motor Show, CarPlay is one of the key technologies in the vehicle. Now, Volvo has released a video demoing the technology and how it’ll all fit in. We would expect similar implementations from other manufacturers as it becomes available later this year.

CarPlay allows for complete control of most iPhone functionality through the stereo system. Siri voice control is on tap, allowing the driver to request songs, driving directions, or messages through the speakerphone in the vehicle. Additionally, the driver can use the touch screen or steering wheel mounted controls to control the iPod.


CarPlay on Volvo’s Concept Estate.

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The phone becomes the hub for messages as well. Full Siri integration means there will be no issues sending voice dictated text messages, which isn’t supported on systems like MyFord Touch or Uconnect through the iPhone. Additionally, the full iPhone contacts list is available through the car’s phone interface.


CarPlay uses Apple Maps for integrated navigation.

Finally, Apple Maps becomes the maps application for GPS navigation and points-of-interest searching. The Apple Maps interface handles all the graphics as well. This means the stylish user interface and crisp graphics that are on the phone’s mapping software will be shown on the display. This also means that the Send to iPhone feature built into iOS Mavericks, allowing for route planning on the computer and having the directions straight to the car.

carplay lineup

Apple’s CarPlay lineup of brands.

CarPlay will be on select vehicles towards the end of the year, and many more manufacturers are tapped to offer the feature in their new vehicles in the future.