Earlier this year, a massive sinkhole opened up underneath the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and swallowed many priceless vehicles. Now, the museum has begun the difficult process of recovering those vehicles and repairing the facility. General Motors has vowed to assist in restoring the priceless automobiles, and repairs to the facility are expected to take most of the summer. Here’s how you can watch the excavation of the vehicles yourself and follow along with the process.

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The 2009 ZR1 “Blue Devil” was the first to be recovered.

The most reliable audio and video source for the recovery process is the museum’s YouTube channel. They are posting videos regularly of the recovery, and the video below is the “Blue Devil” ZR1 actually starting up and driving away after being pulled from the wreckage.

The museum is also showing video on their Ustream channel, but it does not appear to be broadcasting live regularly. You can also watch both webcams that are in the museum on the National Corvette Museum’s website here and here.

Additionally, @corvettemuseum on Twitter is an excellent resource for photos and video.

Although all eight vehicles are buried in the sinkhole, the first three will be the easier of the group to remove. The final five are buried extremely deep in the hole and will require extra effort to safely recover. In addition to the vehicles in the hole, there is also pieces of the concrete building structure as well. Those pose both a challenge for recovery and a threat to safety.

Upon completion of the vehicle recovery, the hole will be filled and the building repaired. No official timeframe is given, but we have been told that they would like to have the repairs completed by the time the new racetrack opens later this year.