Last week Ford announced that they will be expanding support for Sync AppLink to 3.4 million additional vehicles by the end of the year. AppLink is Ford’s app platform for third-party apps that support in-vehicle use of services like Spotify and Glympse. One glaring omission is support of AppLink with the company’s MyFord Touch infotainment system. We asked Jim Buczkowski back in June when we should expect support for AppLink with MyFord Touch, and we were told “soon.” Ford’s latest CES announcement expanding AppLink support definitely raised the hopes of many MyFord Touch users, but after reading through the story “MyFord Touch” is conspicuously missing from the list of future support.

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Additional AppLink support for older Sync-equipped systems is coming, but not if the vehicle is equipped with MyFord Touch.

Ford was one of the first automakers to have a cutting-edge infotainment system that actually worked well. Now, the marketplace is littered with systems from all the major manufacturers, with many of them supporting apps with their high-end systems.

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Infotainment is becoming a top selling feature for many makers, and younger, more tech-savvy individuals look at technology first when looking for a new car. These infotainment systems also raise the average selling price of a vehicle, generating more profit for the manufacturer. Ford’s lack of 3rd-party app support with MyFord Touch is a glaring omission that needs be remedied soon.

Are people not buying a Ford vehicle because MyFord Touch doesn’t support apps? Probably not. But that may change in the future as more app designers build in support for vehicle infotainment systems. Also, Ford touts the upgradability of their MyFord Touch system. They have released several performance and feature updates since the launch of the system. Conceivably, someone is working on the issue.

They may be a bit apprehensive about releasing that integration if it isn’t perfected. MyFord Touch was plagued with issues when it first launched. They clearly do not want a repeat experience, but whatever the hurdles are need to be resolved quickly before Ford is left behind in the app integration scene; a market they recently were pioneers in.