An article at┬ásays┬áTesla Motor’s Model S sold well enough to make up 8.4% of all luxury vehicles sold over the first six months of this year. Remarkably, the Model S outsold cars like the “Audi A8, BMW 7-series and Mercedes S Class,” according to Not a bad run for Tesla, just ten years old and competing against companies many years older in a class they have traditionally dominated with some strong brands.


Many articles have focused on the sticker shock of electric vehicles (EVs), but Tesla has focused on providing a car luxurious enough that sticker shock is a less of a focus for the targeted consumer. Tesla, as a result, isn’t so much competing with other EVs or the average consumer. Tesla is trying to lure buyers away from upscale sports vehicles. And

As a result, Tesla’s focus on speed, acceleration and Aston Martin-like looks begins to make sense over a focus on trying to bring down the price. Start with an exciting car, a fast car, a luxurious car, and move from there. This also allows Tesla to build in large profit margins. That gives them a cushion to then focus on bringing down the cost to manufacture and develop the Tesla cars for a future, cheaper version as they introduce other models to capture other market segments.

The Tesla brand is now associated with quality and luxury. Which is a solid base to stand on as they plan the next step for their company.