Jeremy Clarkson, television presenter of Top Gear, recently paraphrased P.J. O’Rourke by declaring that “rental cars are the fastest in the world!” The premise of that statement is that people are harder on rental cars than they are on their own cars. If rental cars are indeed the fastest in the world, then this latest collaboration between Penske and Hertz should be the fastest of the fastest. The Hertz Penske GT is a Mustang GT that has been reworked to be quite a special car, and can be rented by the day at several Hertz locations!

Hertz Penske GT

The Hertz Penske GT is black with a yellow stripe and lettering.

The Hertz Penske GT features some go-fast parts from Penske, including an ECU flash. It is stopped by massive Brembo brakes, and features a revised exhaust and suspension setup. Also, the GT takes all the good looking bits from other Mustangs and mixes them on this vehicle. It features the front splitter from the Boss 302, and the rear spoiler from the Shelby GT500.

Hertz Penske GT

The Hertz Penske GT features a mixture of parts from other Fords to make one unique looking vehicle.

This is not the first time that Hertz has partnered to make a Mustang rental racer. The 1966 Shelby GT350-H was the original concept, and in 2006 there was a Shelby GT-H that paid homage to the original. Both of those vehicles were in a partnership with Shelby, and this one is with Penske. Luckily, the premise remains the same.

Hertz Penkse GT

The stripes are Hertz yellow.

It is unclear yet if the traction and stability controls systems can be defeated in the Hertz Penske GT, but surely someone out there will find out. Also, this modern version will be equipped with an automatic transmission. The majority of the 1966 Shelby GT350-H units were automatics as well, but some hand a manual transmission. At the time, a driver wanting to drive the manual version had to prove to Hertz that he or she was capable of driving a manual transmission, and then received a card stating that they could rent the vehicle. Times certainly have changed.

Hertz Penske GT

The Hertz Penske GT is available at the following airports.

The Hertz Penske GT is available at select airports for rental, and will likely be on many auto enthusiasts’ rental list.