[tps_header]Kia recently introduced an all new luxury sedan called the K900, designed to compete with the best Mercedes-Benz and BMW have to offer. Hyundai just updated their Genesis full size luxury sedan to also compete in this game. Both sedans promise the best luxury that the competition has to offer, but for less money. We recently had an opportunity to review both the Kia K900 and Hyundai Genesis to see how they compare with their German counterparts and see which one you should look at if you’re in the market.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]2015 Kia K900[/tps_title]

Kia made some bold choices when designing the K900. One of the biggest decisions they made was to limit the different options available with the car. Kia K900s have an available V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. For those living in climates where it snows, that might not be a big selling point.

Kia K900 v. Hyundai Gensis

The 420 hp V8 does score a decent combined 18 mpg. Even though the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety haven’t tested the K900 yet, we do expect it to score top honors with the safety technology on board.

The VIP package includes all options on the K900 and raises the selling price to $66,400. For that money the driver gets almost every conceivable safety option. Radar cruise control and emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and more prevent you from having a crash. The included Heads Up Display shows speed information without having to look down.

Kia K900 v. Hyundai Gensis

Luxury options are plentiful. The infotainment system supports every conceivable input, including HD Radio, SiriusXM and mobile app support. Rear seat passengers have their own climate control and reclining seats. It’s very unlikely that driver or passenger will long for a feature that isn’t there.

On paper the K900 appears to have everything a $100,000+ luxury car has for $40,000 less. But the Hyundai Genesis 2015 also has a lot going for it.

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