The 2015 Mustang might be one of the hottest vehicles of the year. If you are curious about the car or are thinking about buying one, you want to know the details about the options that are available. We have compiled a list of all the 2015 Mustang options available.

The options build on top of each other. That means that everything that comes with the 2015 Mustang V6 also comes with the 2015 Mustang GT unless otherwise noted.

2015 Mustang Options

2015 Mustang GT convertible.

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All Mustangs come in either a coupe or convertible body. The first build of the 2015 Mustang will all be the fastback coupe. Later in the year Ford will start production of the Mustang convertible. Once Ford announces pricing, we’ll be sure to pass that along to you.


[tps_title]2015 Mustang V6[/tps_title]

2015 Mustang Options

2015 Mustang V6 fastback coupe.

With over 300 hp we can’t really call the Mustang V6 basic, but it is the entry-level 2015 Mustang. Ford has gone beyond the basic car amenities for the 2015 Mustang V6. The cheapest of the 2015 Mustang options still offers a lot of value for a buyer wanting the Mustang experience.

The V6 engine carries over from the 2014 and earlier Mustang and provides a good amount of grunt. All 2015 Mustangs will have an independent rear suspension to improve ride quality and handling. Also, all 2015 Mustangs have a 6-speed manual transmission as default. A 6-speed automatic is an additional cost option.

2015 Mustang Options

HID headlights with LED accents are standard.

2015 Mustangs will have high intensity discharge (HID) headlights with the signature LED running lights standard. All Mustangs will also have the sequential LED turn signals.

2015 Mustang Options

2015 Mustang features standard push button start.

Inside, the V6 Mustang has keyless entry and start. The driver doesn’t need to remove their key from their pocket to unlock the doors or start the car; push button starter located near the gear shift starts the car.

Air conditioning, power door locks and mirrors are standard on the V6. A rear view camera also comes standard to assist in parking.

A 6-speaker stereo with Ford’s Sync platform also comes standard. The Sync system supports AppLink, allowing drivers to use apps like Spotify from their smartphone while driving.

Optional extras include a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Different wheels and LED fog lights are available, along with reverse parking sensors to go along with the backup camera.

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