The launch of the 2015 Mustang is still months away, but many people are already wondering if there are ways to save on their purchase of the latest pony car from Dearborn. There are several ways to save money on the next Ford Mustang that people can even do today! Come along as we take a look at a few ways to save money on one of the most anticipated vehicles of the year.

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2015 Mustang

The 2015 Mustang will be a hot item, but there are ways to save money.

Join the Mustang Club of America

The Mustang Club of America is an organization of Mustang owners. There are many benefits to membership, but the main one for saving money on a new Mustang is access to Ford’s X-Plan pricing. X-Plan has several benefits to the consumer, with the main being saving money on a new car. Every Ford vehicle (minus a couple of exclusions) are sold at a no-haggle discount for X-Plan purchasers. Additionally, dealer document fees are capped at $100. X-Plan could potentially save someone a couple of thousand of dollars off their new Mustang without having to negotiate. The added benefit to X-Plan is that the dealership also makes money on the transaction, which should make everyone happy.

2015 mustang

Mustang Club of America membership allows for discounted X-Plan pricing.

While it is unlikely to have a dealership say they will not honor X-Plan, some unscrupulous ones may try to talk someone out of when the vehicle is new. Demand for the 2015 Mustang should be high, and some profiteering dealerships may want to push purchasers into paying MSRP or higher for the Mustang. If a dealership is unwilling to play ball with X-Plan, simply find another one. There are many dealerships out there who will gladly welcome a X-Plan buyer as they would a normal buyer.

Look for Alternative Trade In Options

Typically, when someone trades in their current vehicle for a new one, they go straight to the dealership where they are purchasing it from. Oftentimes though, that value may be lower than what other places might offer. CarMax, a company that is designed to buy cars, refurbish them, and sell them, is better suited operationally to deal with a trade. Because that is all they do, they can typically offer a higher price on the trade-in that what the dealership would. Additionally, everything can be done same-day with CarMax. Unfamiliar who CarMax is? You might remember them from their 2014 Super Bowl Commercial.

2015 mustang

CarMax is a great place to get more money for a used car than a dealership trade.

Friend of Motor Review and head Internet honcho at Raceway Ford, Mike Correra, often sends his sales people with a customer over to CarMax to make the deal happen there. They then drive the customer back to the dealership, trade-in money in hand, to purchase the new vehicle from them. The customer is ultimately happier that they got a better deal on their trade, and the dealership makes the sale.

Be Patient

2015 Mustang

Patience is always key in scoring big savings.

Bonus cash incentives and dealer-specific incentives can sometimes be used in addition to X-Plan pricing. When visiting the Raceway Ford site for this piece, we were immediately offered a $100/off coupon for a new or used vehicle. Major incentives will not exist on a brand new vehicle like the 2015 Mustang, but bonus cash will exist if you shop around and be patient. The Mustang will be a hot item, but dealerships are in business to sell cars. It doesn’t hurt to start looking at ways to save money now, so you are ready when the 2015 Mustang ships later this year.