The Olympics are a great time to launch an ¬†advertising campaign, because many people are watching and there is a lot of time to run those ads. Chevrolet is using the 2014 Sochi games to launch their “#TheNew” campaign. The campaign features a series of 8 commercials that will air over the two weeks of the games, but one commercial specifically is drawing some additional attention. According to Forbes, the commercial featured during the opening ceremonies was the first time in Chevrolet’s history has a gay couple enjoying their wedding day.

Whether General Motors is attempting to stick it to the anti-gay Russian government, or if they just thought it was time is unclear. But the commercial flows very naturally through all the various cuts showing people in love. Chevrolet is touting new love as a new approach to making their vehicles. There are all new models across the board, and even though Chevrolet is the same company it always was, there is something new to fall in love with…

Like the Z06.

2015 Corvette Z06

There is not much more to say, other than we are happy to see Chevrolet taking this next step, and hope to see more automakers follow suit in future commercials where it is appropriate.