Louis Vuitton, premiere luggage maker, is working with space aged technology to create a special luggage set for the brand new BMW i8. This luggage will be made entirely out of carbon fiber, making it extremely durable, and extremely light. It will also be the first luggage set available that is made entirely out of the material. Working closely with BMW, the luggage set is designed to complement the futuristic looks and design of BMW’s i8. The i8 is their latest sports car, which also heavily features carbon fiber to reduce weight and improve performance.

louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s carbon fiber luggage for the BMW i8.

Carbon fiber is a material that is used throughout the i8 to make it as light, and as strong, as possible. This cutting-edge design was popularized in the world of motorsports racing, where it was important to be as light as possible, but also hold up in the car hit a barrier at 200mph. The price of carbon fiber has dropped tremendously, and is being used in more and more automotive applications. Louis Vuitton decided that a vehicle like the i8, with the obsessive use of carbon fiber, would benefit from luggage also being made out of the material.

louis vuitton

The Louis Vuitton luggage is designed to fit perfectly into the i8.

Louis Vuitton worked with the material to make a special version to be built in the luggage. The special material actually makes up the entire bag, including the soft material. Carbon fiber, before it is hardened for strength, is a fabric sheet just like cloth or leather. The weave that Louis Vuitton uses also has been designed to maintain the checkered design famous to Louis Vuitton bags. Additionally, the hard structures of the luggage are also made from carbon fiber.

louis vuitton

The design of the Louis Vuitton luggage complements the i8.

These travels bags should be extremely durable, handling the rigors of travel either in an i8 or through the airport terminal. They will also be extremely light, making them easy to load in and out of the new BMW i8. Pricing has not been announced, but the luggage will go on sale at premiere Louis Vuitton locations around the world on April 1st.