Caroll Shelby is one of the men that many automotive enthusiasts aspire to be. While he was alive, he raced cars, and he built cars. His philosophy was to include as much performance into a car as possible and then race it. He won many times with that philosophy. Early on in his career he began partnering with Ford. It was not long after that that Mustangs were leaving the Ford production facilities with “Shelby” badges on the rear. When he passed away, there was talk about the next-generation Mustang no longer carrying the Shelby nameplate. Some people cried foul, and it appears based on the latest leaked information that the Shelby will indeed be available on the 2015 Mustang.

2015 Mustang

Signs now indicate that the Shelby nameplate will return for the 2015 Mustang.

A dealer source close to Motor Review supplied us with a screenshot from the 2015 Body Code Chart. This chart typically lists term levels and their associated order codes. These codes are how the blokes in Flat Rock know which Mustang to build. As shown, there is a V6 Coupe and Convertible, a GT V8 Coupe and Convertible, and a Shelby Coupe and Convertible.

2015 Mustang

2015 Mustang Body Codes that indicate a Shelby coupe and convertible.

This answers a few questions for us. For one, the GT will be a V8-only car (as it should be and as it was expected to be). The EcoBoost 4-cylinder is indeed an upgrade engine from the base, and will carry an upgrade code in the order guide. It may be part of a special package (SVO, anyone?) or it may just be a singular upgrade option.

2015 Mustang

Purported screen capture from the Ford promo materials order screen. (Photo:

The guide also clearly shows the Shelby nameplate. What it does NOT show is Shelby GT500. There has been some speculation that the GT500 would disappear and be replaced with a GT350. A person on posted a blurry screenshot purportedly from the dealer promo ordering system showing GT350 as a 2015 Mustang option. Motor Review cannot verify the source of the leak, but combined with our own sources we believe a GT350 is a strong possibility.

To continue in the speculation department, during the announcement of the automated Ford Fusion last week, Ford indicated that there is still one EcoBoost engine that will be announced for the calendar year 2014. We believe that it has some possibility in being in the Mustang, but we have also hear rumblings that it is destined for the F-150.

We expect many more leaks and official news in the coming weeks! As soon as we know, you will!

Click Here for the Full PDF: 2015 MY Ford Body Types