[tps_title]Fix A Flat[/tps_title]

fix a flat emergency essentials

Flat tires are a pain. A spare tire makes for a useful substitute to get you to a tire repair shop. But what if your car doesn’t come with a spare tire, or you have a flat tire in an area where it would be dangerous to change it out? Fix A Flat is the solution.

For many small punctures and leaks, Fix A Flat works well. Attach the included hose to your tire and pump the solution in. It re-inflates your flat tire while using a chemical to patch the hole. It works in minutes and you’re soon back on your way safely.

Fix A Flat is only a temporary solution. Once you get to a place to replace the tire, do so. Fix A Flat destroys the long-term use of the tire, so it will need replaced either way. Also, if the puncture is too big, Fix A Flat won’t be able to seal it.

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